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The Glass Letters
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The Glass Letters brings us into Aiden’s story of hate, harassment, and abandonment. He is on a journey of finding himself. With that has come traumatic results. He finds moments of solace to help to help aid the wounds, but it seems impossible to stitch any laceration the words have caused.

Who has the right to decide if someone belongs or what they are worth as a human?

This is a compelling story and the author knows how to write about emotions that are real and strong. From the very start of the story, Aiden is presented as someone who is hurt, pathetic, and without a strong sense of self-worth. As the story develops, the reader begins to understand the inner workings of his mind and why he is so deeply hurt. Aiden is a character that the reader can relate to, elaborately developed, and genuinely flawed. There is a sense of pathos that accompanies the narrative as it follows Aiden through situations of embarrassment, shock, and pain — both mental and physical. The Glass Letters is a story that deftly explores the sense of belonging and acceptance and a young man’s quest to understand himself. S. A. Gensch writes in elegant prose and creates characters that are unforgettable, evolving in real-life situations. The drama is strengthened by the carefully crafted dialogues and they fill every page of this story. It is a delightful read.

-Readers’ Favorite, 5 stars


Inviting the reader into a difficult conversation

There are moments where this book is difficult to read. Not because of the writing (which storytells smoothly) but because of how raw the topic of homophobia hits.

When Aiden realizes his feelings for his best friend, his life takes a turn he never thought would happen. This story invites the reader to join in the difficult conversations that are far too often swept under the rug.

Well done, Gensch, 4.5 stars!

-Amazon Review, Amanda


This is a novel that will thrill fans of LGBTQ, but it is written in a voice that will arrest anyone who enjoys realistic characters and compelling internal conflicts. S.A. Gensch’s characters are genuinely flawed and readers find them in situations that are real, navigating complex relationships. The author pays a lot of attention to how these characters relate with each other and the connection between Aiden and his best friend and sister, Jaxie, is one that pulled me in strongly, right from the opening pages. This masterful novel explores the psychology of a character that struggles with coming out and the exploration of his emotions and the flux of thoughts that occupy his mind is cleverly and poignantly accomplished.
The Glass Letters is an emotional rollercoaster and a tale that is adroit and profound in how it explores human relationships and nature. Themes of friendship, love, and solitude shine through the narrative, and while some readers might be turned off by Aiden’s frequent emotional and psychological breakdowns, they eventually uncover his need for attention and his sense of dependency as each layer of his personality peels off. The novel features rich prose and a beautifully imagined setting. The assured and strong writing melds with the sophistication in character execution to provide such an enjoyable reading experience. The story dazzles with details and the emotional depth of the characters is expertly executed.

-The Book Commentary, Daniel Rhodes, 5 stars