About S. A. Gensch

Basic Info

The basics about me are that I am married to my wonderful, supportive husband! He’s been through thick and thin with me, including this writing journey! I am also a mother to three children. I was born in Minnesota and my family moved to Colorado when I was in high school. This is where I met my husband we still live here in Colorado today!

My Past With Writing

I’ve always a love for storytelling. When I was really little, I had a habit to walk around the house in my own little world. I talked out stories or imagined tales with imaginary friends. Yes, I was that child. In 7th grade, my English class read The Outsiders and I fell in love! It really inspired me to try and seriously write my own stories (you know, get out of the imaginary land I visited in my head and put it on paper).
As I explored the internet some, I came upon the writings of fanfiction. I found I could write my own stories with help from the characters of The Outsiders and I did just that. It was so fun, and I still write some from time to time to help keep the creative juices flowing!
During my teenage years, I did get an opportunity to publish a mystery trilogy. I had the first book typed up, cover made, everything ready to go. I backed out though, unsure if writing was something I wanted to be tied down to for life. In the end, I’m actually glad I backed out, because I believe it would’ve drained me through the rest of my childhood years and my passion wouldn’t be as strong as it is today.
The pandemic hit, and I went through this epiphany, if you will, of what I was going to do with my life. I was a stay-at-home mom, my husband was running his family business and he was thriving in it! I felt I needed a purpose. I finally decided that I needed to go for it. Write a book! Get it out there! Don’t look back!

And that’s what I did. And that’s where I am today! Writing stories!